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Content: Why Leaders must focus on issues of Diversity?

  • What is Servant Leadership?
  • How does Servant  Leadership stave off cynicism?
  • Tips for Standing up and out as a leader
  • Protecting organizations diversity integrity
  • Creating inclusive environments


Chapter 1 The Power of the Public Servant.

Chapter 2 Leadership Challenge: Public Protectors

Chapter 3 Diversity as a tool of leadership: Self-Interest

Chapter 4 Bias: What are you full of? Full of Purpose

Chapter 5 Tools fo fighting: Bigotry, Prejudice and Discrimination


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Our Approach

“Through innovative and interactive diversity education, personal empowerment, and team building, we help individuals and organizations approach old problems with new solutions.” 

  • Our approach is simple: We help Government and Educational organizations manage and train staff, employees, and clients on diversity issues without blame, fault or guilt. 
  • We understand that people are doing the best they can with what they have. Yet we encourage them to examine themselves, explore other cultures, and become allies for others. 
  • We work to move people's behaviors not by pushing them or making them feel guilty. 
  • We dissect, analyze, and making meaning of the issues that challenge us in a fair, balanced way that people can hear and understand. 
  • We motivate individuals to create something collaboratively.

What people are saying about our sessions

  •  I have always understood the importance of context when it comes to understanding each other, but the examples he used (the farmer going to New York and vice versa) just resonated with me and opened my eyes even wider. This actually has helped me at home in my relationship with my boyfriend.  Andre’s lecture reminds me that we just simply have different contexts and perspectives. And recognizing this is half the battle.

~ Jeffery Staple, Florida

  • I will always remember to embrace differences and to think about why people may have biases, or negative thoughts towards others and to be patient and willing to challenge those biases or negative thoughts.

~Terry Anderson, Iowa

  • This was unexpected idea/fact I learned from this presentation/video was: how openly disclosed racism was in the media. By watching that episode of Arche Bunker I was confused because I thought it was hilarious and was sitting in the back of the class laughing, hard. It wasn’t until the speaker broke down the main characters “bigotry” that I realized I was blind to the reality of that television shows effect on others. I didn’t see it as wrong in the moment it was playing, so I realize now that there must be other times in my daily life that things are hurtful and offensive to other and I have no idea it’s going on.

~ Brenda Jonas, Ohio